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Indonesia Visa Is Easy !

Indonesia Visa Is Easy !

Immigration Firms Licences and Notary Foreign Investment Visa Consultation Services

No Problem ! The Solutions In Your Fingertips

Our company has been serving the expatriate community in Jakarta, Bali and Indonesia for years. We provide business consultation, legal services and visa services. if you want to start business as a foreigner in Indonesia, we can help and guide with every step you need to take. We guide you from starting up to opening of your business and thereafter. We help you getting a working permit, firms license (PT, PMA, Representative Office) or a business visa, and provide all other information needed for successful investment in our beautiful country Indonesia, and especially Jakarta. We experts in visa regulation in Indonesia and can help you with retirement in Indonesia, various business visa, all expatriate documents, social visa, re-entry or exit permits
With its focused case management approach, can assist in solving all of your business related or private immigration problems quickly and efficiently.We provide you with the highest level of professional performance.

Indonesia Bali Immigration

Indonesia Bali Visa

Our Services :

Working permit-visa KITAS
Multiple entry business visa
Single business visa Social visas
Exit and re-entry permits Visa extensions
Expatriate documents
Firms licences and notary
Passport and travel documents
Immigration consultation
Foreign company consultation
Naturalization consultation


Tel :62-21-92929643
Fax : 62-21-56953044


Indonesia Business Immigration Services

Marketing Office:
Tel/Fax :
Jl. Mawar No.36 Bintaro Jakarta 12330 Indonesia

We advise both business and private clients, prepare the appropriate applications on your behalf and take you through the legal processes involved."

We represent a wide variety of international companies in the financial services, insurance, retail sales, engineering, technology, education, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, management consultancy, construction, manufacturing, media, sports and entertainment industries and the legal profession

We can assist you in a variety of immigration applications, and liaise closely with the relevant government departments to ensure that your applications are resolved quickly. We keep your involvement to a minimum to save you time and will handle legal documentation on your behalf, but also offer you one off or ongoing specialist advice

visa to visit indonesia year 2008

Marketing Office:
Tel : 62-21-92929643
Fax : 62-21-56953044

Jl. Mawar No.36 Bintaro Jakarta 12330 Indonesia

Indonesian Visas
Immigration Firms Licences and Notary Foreign Investment Visa Consultation Services
Student Visa, Work / Working Visa

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